When We Wake Up and Walk In Power

image Eyes closed and not wanting to see exactly just how much light was pushing through the blinds...I reached for my phone. I opened up one eye just enough to see the time but there wasn't any left. It was go time.

I began to think through the events of the day ahead but I just was not into being and doing and leading and loving.

Normally in this case, I stay strong in backing out and don't take the steps I need too. Its easy for me to just remove myself and not deal.

Pulling the plug on an entire day feels so earned sometimes. That way of dealing happens on occasion but honestly never helps me move forward. You?

Strength can be useful in times of pulling away for sanity BUT strength can also look like pulling up to the day. The coffee in a travel mug, zipping up your coat, throwing on a ball cap, and turning the keys to start up the car kind of strength.

This particular morning was not allowing me to call the shots. There was no stay in your jammies, drink coffee all day, reheat that coffee all day, and wallow in my lack of desire to rise to the occasion. Nope.

"Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him and established in your faith, just as you were instructed , and overflowing with gratitude." Colossians 2:6-7

We've all been there. Those moments when we are offered loud cheering. Mornings when Jesus is talking through the loud speaker in your bedroom saying,

You are built up in Me,

rooted in me,

just walk with me!

I said yes because the Spirit was there in my weakness. I could feel Him calling the shots and inviting me into a much larger picture than the one I had painted for the day.

To trust and find our inner big girl means we know that by taking steps today and being woven throughout the story of others - God is at work in us.

Saying yes to the hard stuff sharpens our vision doesn't it?

It allows us to see the light through the cracks, removes our control, and reminds us of our purpose...just by saying yes to a day that felt like....no thank you.

They day ahead was going be crammed full of loving babies while moms had Bible Study, helping my kids with homework, prepping for a team meeting for a girls retreat, showing up to love on a truck loads of students...all good but just wasn't feeling any of it.

In my very special loud speaker announcement,  I felt the Spirit pull the covers down and helping me rise to my feet.

I accepted the game face challenge for the day and it felt amazing. When we do something that fully relies on His strength, authority and goodness, we can walk in power.

Of course there are many days when we would rather stay under the covers and chose not to listen to His voice. I've absolutely said no before, but I always miss out on what He has for me.

I heard loud and clear all throughout the inner workings of that day.

"Jenny lets do this. You have assignments from me today. We can't miss them. Your heart will be full at the end of the day because you are doing my work and I promise to fill you with all you need."

We try and talk ourselves out of fighting, from pressing on, and finding our deep rooted bravery.

We can ask Him for help. He always follows through and will do for us what we can not do for ourselves.

May you hear His voice this day ahead of all that is on your plate, holding your head high and allowing Jesus to be your wake up call and the one walking with you.

Happy Weekend to ya'll!