His Peace That Covers The Crazy

image Finally a day to find some slow down. We have been going full speed ahead for ten days solid getting our home ready to sell.

I am watching my man try and give his time and heart to his current ministry while looking into other positions. Working to get the house ready to sell while still very much living in it. This is crazy!

Divided time and hearts makes for moments of stress overtaken by peace.

I pull the patio chair into the sunlight to the singing of every bird in Jackson hanging out in my backyard. Heaven help this Momma - I offer up in all seriousness.

I left my phone inside charging on purpose and replaced the scrolling for a good book and more truth than social media, email, and phone messages can offer me today.

So much to take in this week. Expected, humbling, gracious...but overwhelming at best!

I knew that the news of our family gearing up for a big ministry and location move would be hard on my heart and exhausting for my spirit because I have been completely all in for over 8 years of my life!

I have been preparing for a couple of weeks but ya'll... nothing can prepare you for big change. You just have to be willing to step into the moments, the conversations, the tears, the dreams and go for it.

Today I am committed to sitting and listening to the Spirit of the Living God. He is here, on this porch showing me beauty and pointing out His will.

I prop my feet up on the toddler slide, because thats what Moms use when the back porch is a playground right?

I see this huge hawk circling overhead. He's been there for a couple weeks. Maybe because the snakes woke up during the flood last week. I feel that the Lord has given me the soaring overhead as a comfort.

A few weeks ago I spent the day in Nashville with Heather who has been walking with me and has been that out of town friend I can go too for wisdom and hope over the years.

The day was to get away and hear from Jesus. To refill my heart so I could be available and helpful to my man during the weeks to come as he unfolds the Spirit leading him to step into a new assignment.

She took me to Radnor Lake (but only after an estate sale), a beautiful place of nature in the middle of the city. We prayed as we hiked. She shared Jesus at work in her Spirit, all timely and devinely appointed, no question.

We began our climb up to the ridge. It was a sunny yet windy day, so the trees were moving and we were well aware that we were in good company of the Almighty.

She began to speak of the battles unseen when God is at work and how He speaks to us - when a huge hawk swooped down overhead with a long snake in its mouth (enter heart pounding awe).

We gasped and watched as it perched on a downed tree finishing the job of defeat. Snakes are my fear.

Oh my word. We cheered like we were the only ones hiking , "WELL DONE!" and continued up the trail.

A couple days after I returned home and my husband was entering a day filled with meetings and sharing his heart with leadership...she was hiking the same hill and praying for us.

"No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through  Christ, who loved us. And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from his love. Death can't and life can't. The angels can't, and the demons can't. Our fears for today, our worries about tomorrow, and even the powers of hell can't keep God's love away." Romans 8:37-38

She sent me a message that read, "I just had the vision of that hawk and snake. The battle will be here, the enemy will bring opposition but the truth is that he is defeated! Hold on to that."

Friends, when God is at work...so is the enemy. I was and am determined to rise to the occasion of holding on to truth during a new exciting adventure. Even worries about tomorrow can't keep God's love from me.

Every day since her text message - including today, there has been a huge hawk circling over our home and I know he's snake hunting. He is watching out for the enemy and is ready to defeat!

Jesus is up to something really special in the days ahead. We believe that and are walking in confidence. Even still, there are lies whispered to which we must be ready to fight.

If you've ever been through a time of huge unknowns, you know that the Spirit is near because you have drawn in closer than usual right?

How we miss out when we distance our hearts from Jesus just because there is nothing spectacular or painful going on!

I am a lover of being stretched and maybe you are too...but ouch.

This week was no exception and as we continue to walk upright and willing, I pray you can too for His fame and the beautiful plan just up ahead.

Watch for the soaring overhead.

Take notice of His voice and the peace that covers the crazy...and for heavens sake - put your phone on the charger for an hour and look up. So much good is waiting.







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