When We Ask for the Quick Fix


A dark storm blew in this week. Those low rolling clouds raced just above the treetops and we were over worst part of the severe weather.

I love storm tracking...to keep safe yes, but also I just think weather systems are amazing.

I mean...snow flurries blowing in wind chill, downpours on warm summer days, thunder that cracks and shakes the house, and heaven forbid tornadic rotation!

After being cooped up in the house all day with a toddler we went out as soon as the lightning stopped and ran through every single puddle.

Joy was present but discouragement was close behind and I wanted it to go away.

We are professionals at asking for the quick fix aren't we?

I've never asked God, "Please make this really hard, and raise my doubt meter, and while you're at it, drag out the waiting as long as possible! Amen."

No one prays that stuff for themselves. We may think that it's a good prayer to pray for others who need a wake up call... but ourselves, no ma'am.

We may gently offer up a, "Jesus have your way and teach me to trust the process along the way." but we really don't hope for hard times do we?

Well, this particular day I rounded the corner with little Tillerman and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a hawk soaring and circling in the storm breeze.

If you haven't read my hawk story of victory of over the snake, you can read it here

I took a second glance up to see it and even said out loud, "Naw...I don't think that's a hawk." and just kept walking.

I quickly recognized the presence of my own mistrust.

I did get to experience critical moments with hawks circling over my porch this week during a talk with a mom friend and I no joke JUMPED out of my seat and yelled, "They are here!!!"

I then had to explain the story to her that may have sounded a little crazy - but hey, God has used much crazier encounters with creation to get the attention of His people!

Burning bushes,

sticks turned to snakes,

parted ocean waters,

water to wine,

multiplied fish and loaves,

flood waters,

manna from heaven,

plagues involving insects,

hovering clouds of smoke,

dead men raised,

elderly women having babies,

and even a dove coming down as the Spirit.

I love these true moments in history where God showed His might and gave signs to His people.

He still does that today for us. He speaks just like He did in the garden and makes His presence known to us in creation.

For some reason though - this one moment I was unsure about the legitimacy of this hawk sighting and my hope did not strengthen. How often we think we are strong and in step with the Spirit.

I had that sinking feeling.

Was I really questioning if God was showing up? I did not claim the reminder like I had every other time and it felt so wrong.

I want to be one who trusts during the waiting, don't you?

I want to be alert enough to the Spirit to take notice of Him giving me glimpses of His promises. Awake enough to notice when storms come and go and celebrate BIG.

What we need is eyes to see the faithfulness of the storm passing through or the hawk soaring overhead.

That my friends is a choice we get make.

Waking up to the ways God is moving around us today and throughout the week ahead can be the difference in clinging to trust or allowing mistrust to get the best of us.

Here's to trusting the One who knows what is ahead and promises to use what is behind us to grow and deepen our faith.

Whatever you are dealing with whether it be a job change, difficult relationship, health struggles, or discouragement - keep your eyes up because hope is already on the scene.






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