Stepping Off the Cliff | Update From the Job Search Scene

IMG_1388It is crazy how aware I am as we have stepped over the edge. Maybe it's because I've chosen to see God working day-to-day or maybe because He has chosen to reveal Himself to my heart in fresh ways. In the middle of the jump, I am fully aware that God is working out each detail of home, job, move, and desire to expand our ministry.

He is so evident. I am so impatient.

The biggest known is that we don't know!

Standing on the edge and falling into His grasp is such a safe place even though it feels dangerous. 

Moments of unknowns trumped by trust,

fears overtaken with joy,

and dreams unfolding into a destination,

make for some heart pounding and tear streaming adventure!

The weeks are rolling by and we are in full swing with house showings and job searching. All the technology is up and buzzing every night with our oldest boys church site stalking any available positions.

Yes, you better believe we are all over those social media channels learning as much as possible and trying to get a feel for the people and heart of new opportunities.

It's the craziest feeling being known for so very long and then stepping out - but Jesus Has assured me that He will plant our feet on ground that is ready to embrace and be embraced.

I came across a job description two weeks ago that literally made my heart pound! It was the first one we had come across that was exactly what Kris has vision for.

It may or may not be the one but we are encouraged that it exists and inspired that God has called us to Pastor families in a strong way.

Y'all...let me tell you we have come across some kind of job description one liners along this journey. Some funny and others leaving us wide-eyed. The process of sifting through the possibilities can feel overwhelming...but we have no doubt God has this!

A church with some personality listed as a Children's Pastor requirement...

"The candidate must have a strong love for the Broncos and an every growing disgust for the Raiders and the 49ers." And they were serious. I do appreciate a staff who has culture and passion!

Another church listed, "This candidate must be willing to get along with the Senior Pastor." That for sure is a great quality and something worth checking into...but the fact that you list it, suggests a maybe not-so pleasant situation?!

We've seen it all but know there is a spot waiting!

Jumping and trusting has shown us leads and has opened up new conversations, which is exciting.

We still feel strongly led to the mountains and believe our next assignment will be among a staff and congregation who will love our family well and is looking for all the ways God has equipped us to invest in theirs.

We value your prayers for clarity in applying, wisdom in conversations, and eyes to see God setting up the path before us.

I can not wait to share with you our landing-place once we know...for now take a deep breath (or hold your breath) and join us off the cliff.

It's when we actually step off the cliff, that we see God honoring our trust.