What On Earth

image Summer is moving on at its splashing pace as it always does. Our days are full of packing boxes and setting out suitcases and I keep asking myself...

"What on earth is about to happen?"

Have you said that on days where disbelief settles in?

The boys were taking apart the bunk bed yesterday and as they carried it down the stairs to take it to storage I couldn't help but wonder what this crazy is all about.

At the same time as my questioning kind of wonder, came the other kind of stunned wonder.

The selling of our home that we LOVE.

The closing a 9 year chapter of ministry at a church that we LOVE.

The saying goodbyes to people that we LOVE.


It kinda feels like the birth of our last son Tillerman almost 2 years ago. Laying out on the operating table during a scheduled c-section, we hear our doctor say in her sweet yet confident way...

"Okay y'all its baby time!"

As she pulled out our baby boy my husband yelled, "IS THIS FOR REAL?!"...To which the nurse yelled back, "Yes Daddy its fo real! Now get over here and take your picture!"

Okay, just making sure because sometimes when you wait for something for sooo long it almost seems story-like.

Oh wait...kinda like right now.

There is so much good and so much hard all at the same time.

Buy a new home that we LOVE.

Begin a fresh chapter at a church that we LOVE.

Say hello to new friends that we will LOVE.

Although it feels like time is running out (enter house closing and finishing current job beginning of August accompanied by the deer in the headlight face), it really is because  closing dates are kindly approaching.

I've learned over time that you can't rush the calendar of God. We can't hurry Him purposefully working out details for our good. It's not even worth trying...He will have His way and we know it!

Here's the kicker...

God in His "you can't make this stuff up" kind of way has made known to us another awesome job description. We don't see many Family Pastor roles looking for what we desire.

Not only are we chasing this new-found lead... but unknown to us it happens to be in the SAME town my Sissy and her family are relocating too at the beginning of August.

I honestly had no clue where she was moving too. I knew the name of the big city, but not the suburb.

Same. Town?

Cray. Zee.

I know God works in ways we can not fathom.

He could simply  be opening our hearts to this new region.

He could be saying, "I see you."

He could be placing us back with family after 9 years of living 3000 miles apart.

Heaven knows if this will become our reality.

We are happy to shift our mountain and adventure love to the east coast Smoky Mountains with ocean life nearby, should that be what on earth this is all about!

The hard truth is that this may not be it.

We will work through the process once again and just might not land there. We must hope in what we do not see until He gives us a new focus, and so we will.

Kris and I are reading through a book by John Ortberg called All the Places To Go where he talks in a chapter about the Isrealites coming to the Promised Land. They had to actually STEP into the Jordan River BEFORE God parted the water... I loved that picture.

"If they had waited for proof, they'd be standing on the banks still. Faith grows when God says to somebody, "Go," and that person says yes." -John Ortberg

This whole adventure reminds me once again of Abraham and his sold out obedience. I wonder how many times, even in his trusting for the outcome - he asked God, "WHAT ON EARTH is this about?".

God showed Abe. He'll show up and lead us once again.

Maybe there are unknowns in your day this week. Those test results, that friendship, your marriage, or a new direction. I get it - but even better, He gets you.

Lets not miss the journey.

Daily struggles of trust are where deep growth is birthed. It's for real...so take the picture and live out His story for you today.





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