When Trusting Is the Same As Breathing


I woke up this morning refreshed spiritually and exhausted physically. Have you been there?

Taking laps around our hotel at 7:30am with our almost 2-year-old running ahead and hot coffee in tow, my spirit was soaring looking out over the beautiful scene set before me. It filled me...but good heavens I was worn out.

There is something hard-core + survival skilling that happens when you are on an extended trip (meaning no end in sight and no place to call home quite yet)! You just have to go for it or you lose.

Every single morning a new opportunity to trust, to search hearts, to open eyes, to deal with the weak places.

A once in a lifetime journey looking for our next ministry assignment with all 7 of our people and our gear crammed quite literally everywhere!

Where the toddler has grown inches while riding in the car and the teenager's legs reach from the backseat to the driver's seat.

Faith is risky. It is just the stuff epic God stories are made of.

Some days we are exploring and enjoying mind-blowing new sights while other days are for business. Scouring job boards, sending out resumes and meeting for interviews.

So. Intense.

So. Exciting.

So. Unknown.

So. Unexpecting.

So. Holding my breath.

Other days I feel like we may not find what God spoke to us about for this new season and we will have to just settle for anything because I am weak.

But today...today was different. I feel like we are getting closer.

It seems as if trusting has become the same as breathing. Its just not an option any more.

In my moments between the toddler climbing on the Forestry Fire trucks in the hotel parking lot this morning and trying to pick the berry looking things off of the trees (but not eating them please Jesus), I asked  if He wanted us here in this particular place.

I heard the Spirit speak.

"I am going to follow through.

I'm going to minister to you while you minister.

I will set Kris up for his new role and expand his heart.

I am going to give you the place and the purpose you desire.

I am preparing mentors for your boys.

I will grow you."

There was another part to His words to me.

"BUT you must be proactive with me. Stay near so you can hear."

I loved hearing His confirming voice...even though He did not answer my question (typical and expected).

God does that to me. You?

I ask and wait and listen and still the suspense drags on and on. I believe His ways are mysterious and we don't get to be on the inside always.

We are gaining insight along the way,

we get to calm down in the gaps of waiting,

we trust and stretch out our arms up high to the stunning mountain peak moments and find our hands and knees for those dark valley hours.

Every single day, be it long and undone or heart racing with hope...He brings a new challenge to overcome and we CAN and we WILL with Him near.

So this weekend wherever you find your soul...be it up in a mess of knots or laid out peacefully before the Almighty - we can for sure remain in Him alone.

"By faith Noah built a ship in the middle of dry land. He was warned about something he couldnt see, and acted on what he was told. The result? His family was saved. His act of faith drew a sharp line between the eveil of the unbelieving world and the rightness of the believeing world. As a result, Noah became intimate with God." - Hebrews 11:17 MSG

Even when we can't see, we act on what we were told.

Amen and stay tuned.










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