When Risking is Winning [Even When Its Hard]


Toddler chasing and trying to keep the middle two kids busy and not missing Dad and the older brothers - had me finished.

Stretched out and collapsed into the chair alone, I finally had a moment to close my eyes and give God a few thoughts on this week - as of He was in the dark.

I realize He thinks I'm crazy. Its true.

Nearly two months and two days have passed since leaving our home, church, and community behind in Tennessee.

We have road-tripped the entire western United States making memories along the journey. Some days it feels short, other days an eternity!

Well meaning souls have attempted to counsel about how moving is not a big deal...everyone moves, changes jobs, starts over, "try being in the military".

We wouldn't say to a friend who has suffered a miscarriage, " listen - it happens to 1 in 3 and its not really a big deal...you'll be fine."

Chances are, you can't fix a person by trying to make something they are experiencing easier because it wasn't hard for you.

Friends, lets not minimize someone elses hardship no matter how graceful we may have waded through it. Amen?

We very much have an army of support and hopeful people waiting and believing right along with us - and we are thankful! Our landing spot will surface as long as we are faithful to wait.

I find myself "in-between" the good of the past and the unknown great of the future, but can't decide if I love this time or if I am over it.

The upbeat,

confident in Jesus,

and die-hard optimist in this Momma,

embraces this time. Seeing each day as an opportunity to rest from ministry responsibility, to do new things with our kids, and to really search my heart and the heart of God for what He desires from me. That happens on the good days.

The tired,

worn thin,

losing hope,

and disappointed in God Momma,

caves and crumbles under the stress of not having a home, or a church, or a community to set up camp and dig in roots. This is a familiar hard day.

We are learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable for the sake of obeying the Spirit's leading us in the search.

Is there doubt? Yes. Have people questioned our stepping out? Yes.

Loved this quote I came across this week.

"Why not go out on a limb? That is where the fruit is." - Mark Twain

Let me be the first to tell you that just like any good thing, the limb allows for major tests of trust.

There are also sturdy moments where we see the beauty in all of this and can smile at what is to come with great confidence in an unfailing God.

But the fruit? It lives out on the limb doesnt it?

Do we always have to risk to grow? I believe yes. The best lasting growth comes from risk taking.

Our kids are living out a complete walk of faith.

It's not glamorous and they have seen and heard it all. We just can't fast forward ahead to all the ways Jesus will use this season for His fame in the lives of our five...because He will. He is.

Their frustrated yet determined Dad who is working so hard every day to lead strong and search for the best landing spot for the seven of us.

They see him encouraged and soaring at the bite on a resume or after a strong interview.

They've witnessed him low and at a loss for words at a closed-door, even though we believe it leads us closer to home.

They experience a discouraged Mom who just wants to make someplace home, rearrange some furniture, dive into ministry, and fill the table with friends.

There are also days where they catch glimpses of Mom listening outside of the bedroom door as Dad interviews on the phone... cheering with a racing heart!

Each day a chance to trust.

Every moment an opportunity for hope.

Whatever season we find ourselves in this week...maybe we are lovers of comfort and routine and not so much fans of change... but sense a different direction coming.

You do not step out alone!

Jesus knows all these emotions. His heart celebrates and sobbs with ours along the journey to whats next. In that I find great comfort in today - and maybe you can too.

Lets stay out on the limbs friends. Its where Jesus serves the best fruit.




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