When Things Don't Go Just As You've Planned

img_6980 It was just the setting I needed to park my camp chair and be still.

Twenty minutes of heaven existed at the RV park with unobstructed views of pine trees and mountain sides.

Please tell me you have prayed for God to move and he did, but it turned out nothing like you pictured?

So often we get hung up on what we think Gods plan should look like and we miss the present joy. Anyone with me?

Maybe your today looks nothing like you hoped it would - or maybe it's so much better.

Our current living conditions include a 32 foot motor home with our family of seven aboard.

It's honestly so perfect and comical. We needed a place to live that got us out living life and not just stuck waiting for phone calls and emails to come through.

We've all been there...sitting on the couch, taking out a bag of Doritos and drinking Coke because our heart was a mess and we were too nervous to step out into the light of day.

The motor home allows for tight spaces, non stop cooking and conversation, with the sound of rain hitting the roof and the smell of campfire close by.

It literally has me all lit up.

It's obviously not ideal (enter zero privacy, co sleeping with a toddler, 3 tall teenage boys stuffed into sleeping bags, a little girl missing her toys, and a kitchen smaller than your bathroom) but its most definitely memorable and is adding much to our family story.

In my camp chair moment, God spoke to me over and over again about how this journey to whats next for our family is a gift, a privilege, and exactly what we need.

Why are we so stubborn and slow to believe?

I have found my heart telling God that this would be a lot easier to revel in if I just knew the answers to all of my questions (weak faith I know - total bargain girl over here).

We suffer when we crave answers more than anything else Jesus has to offer.

He always has a way of working our lazy hearts over - right?

We did the unfathomable and stepped out in total faith (sold our home, put life in storage, and left all that we loved without landing a job or a destination) because we heard God clearly leading us.

We listened...we are still tracking down His call.

Am I the only one who make deals with God? 

"God, if you let us get this job - I promise to only rejoice on the hard days and not question your will."

"God, if you let my doctors report come back clear...I will lose 20 pounds and exercise twice a day and vow to never touch another Oreo!"

"God if you can pay our bills - we commit to never buying any more crap  non essentials ever again."

"God - if you clear up this argument, I vow I will only pray and not respond in hard conversations (LOL)."

"God, if I can have the heart of my kid back...I will be diligent to take her out to lunch every Saturday."

It's crazy how much better we "believe" life might be if only everything were under control and perfectly in order.

It's just never true for long. There is always more.

There have been plenty of seasons in our lives when things were calm and easy - but we still found a way to be discontent and wanting something different.

The lesson in front of me continues to be more about my appreciation of the journey and less about exactly where we are going to end up.

Oh my word, I fail!

Living in the unknown forces our hearts to let go in order to reach out for God's itinerary. 

I honestly have no clue what kind of deals you have made, or currently have in the works but please trust me...

There is nothing you could possible want more than being in the direct center of His will for your today.

Nothing will make life sweeter than His love.

Nothing will calm your heart permanently than His presence.

Nothing you could possible ask Him for will heal your wounds but His grace.

And for heaven's sake NOTHING will speed up or slow down His timeline.

I don't know about you, but there is comfort in dropping the deal making and receiving what He has on the table today.

He is for you. He is with you. He wants to be everything you need.

Go strong, even if its hard and especially if it means that your neighborhood is an RV park.









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