When Hard Times Make Meaningful Gifts

when-hard-times-make-meaningful-gifts.png When our family of seven arrived at the camp almost two months ago, we had no clue that our Christmas holiday would be spent living in an RV and still searching for the job that God was calling us too.

Every bit of our life (including all the Christmas decorations) were tucked away in a storage unit in Tennessee. I was dreading not having a home to settle in to begin a new season filled with new stories.

Jesus in His compassionate love, had much deeper plans for us. Isn’t that always the truth?

Sometimes (all the time) us Mommas worry about every single thing He has already taken care of.

Thankfully the Spirit is faithful to remind me that our five kids belong to Him first. Nothing He allows in their life is without His sifting and approval.

***Today I have the honor of being a guest over at the MOB Society! Come on over and read the rest of the Christmas post right here!  You'll love all the encouragement for Moms...especially their ministry to Moms of Boys!



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