How We Survived A Season Of Question Marks


We took the turns carefully, as our motor home climbed up the windy mountain road. Taken by surprise at the next provision, but not really because we have been anticipating and watching God show His power all along.

Making the move to another RV park to be close to town, but only to last two nights because honestly God knew that our endurance had been exhausted!

"He gives strength to the weary, And to him who lacks might He increases power." Isaiah 40:29

Don't you love it when you can recognize that His movement is at hand?

So often, we just live and don't name His work in motion. I want to be a mom and wife who catches the Spirit moving in the moments.

Through a connection at the camp with a family at our new church, a beautiful temporary home had been made available to us as we await the closing on our own house in Washington.

At this point, I am in deep remembering mode. Thinking back to the moments during the journey where we were discouraged and down.

I said it over and over again during our wondering...

"Our kids should not be okay. They should be hating the waiting, blaming us, questioning God, and possibly running for home wherever that is."

Have you ever been surprised by the amount of intense you can deal with when you are required to be strong?

It amazes me what we are capable of with God shining a light on the path.

It is in those intense weeks of surviving by just doing the next thing that helps us stay in the game. The list of normal daily routine is how I stayed above water.









God openly revealed hope to us around every turn. Our hearts adjusted almost immediately to every single new possible job opportunity in so many different locations.

When you are doing the hard work of pushing through the fog into the clearing, you just do it the best you know how right?

There were times when our older boys questioned what on earth we were doing exactly. Afternoons where hearts were not well, but the Spirit went to battle on our behalf.

Our doubts were real at times but we were not without hope.

God will not leave you hanging when you believe His word...He will not. Our flesh is weak but He always wins.

This journey has taught me much, but high on the list is the truth that God will provide over and over again. It will never be on our watch but will faithfully come to pass on His.

He provides for our breath,

our warmth,

our nourishment,

our relationships,

our joy and broken,

and especially for our growth.

We unloaded three months of stuff from the motor home and into our new basement apartment SO full of awe.

What a feeling of provision as we moved in, spread out, and took deep soothing breaths. We passed each other in the hallway and didn't have to hug the wall. Can I get an amen?

Over time, God has spoken to me about my need for consistency, comfort, and calm - like they are requirements for joy.

The very things that you "think" you must have, are the very things He might want you to go without. 

And so we did.

Goodbye to consistency.

So long comfort.

Peace out to calm.

Hello to growth from going without.

The road less traveled is full of risks and unknowns - scary to commit too and packed with blessing along the way for those willing to endure.

Our landing in Washington has been soft and welcomed by a new community. Our hearts are exploding with thanks!

"By faith Abraham, when he was called, obeyed by going out to a place which he was to receive for an inheritance; and he went out not knowing where he was going." Hebrews 11:8"

Maybe God is calling you out in your small ordinary days, or asking  you to do something HUGE that makes no sense to most people. Both are valuable, useful, and needed for faith to grow.

Whatever challenge is ahead...if it is from Him - He will faithfully give you all you need to obey and endure for His fame.

Be careful in your comfort...He may ask you to step away for a season.

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