The Best Kind of Comfort


Coffee mug in one hand and journal in the other, I skillfully tip toed my way - while trying to avoid the creaks in the old hardwood.

Please tell me you've snuck down the hallway past kids bedroom doors who are awake and waiting to jump-start the day? I do.

I like my mornings hush-hush with a large hot coffee and a side of calm.

No movement - only the Spirit Kind.

No breakfast prep - only the heart kind.

No voices - only the God kind.

Totally lost in each rapid and the rolling waves of our backyard river, the power in creation, and my duck friends flying up-stream, I began to share my thoughts with Jesus and the list was long.

"Jesus - Good Morning...Its me and I'm ready to hear you today. What do you want to say to me? I am listening..."

I say that prayer with ease, but then a brief panic sets in. Because when we ask, He delivers and usually - it isn't all fresh flowers and dark chocolate. 

Those morning prayers can go many directions right?

There are some days  (a lot of days) where correction needs to happen.  It's not my favorite way to start a conversation, but He sets my heart straight.

Gently, He corrects us when we give lies a seat at our tables and subscribe to things that He has not authored. 

Next, He encourages my spirit and speaks hope over me.  Always His voice is strong - yet affirming in love and truth.

He is in all of our details y'all, going ahead and working it out and forever making a perfectly prescribed way for us.

He pointed me to these words in Psalms, reminding me...

"Blessed are you who give yourselves over to God, turn your backs on the worlds "sure thing", ignore what the world worships;

The world's a huge stockpile of God-wonders and God-thoughts.

Nothing and no one comes close to you!

I start talking about you, telling what I know, and quickly run out of words.

Neither numbers nor words account for you." Psalm 40:4-5 MSG

I read this over and over again.

Oh the benefits of giving ourselves over to Him and turning from the world. Ignoring what it worships.

Recklessly, and without a second thought we worship all kinds of things even though we want to be all in with God - don't we?

Maybe our world worship looks like:

  • a name we aspire to,
  • a super diet,
  • some mom platform,
  • that dream sitting still,
  • the picture perfect vacation,
  • all the trends,
  • a career goal,
  • the child longed for,
  • a perfect home interior,
  • party perfect planning,
  • the hard to choke addiction,
  • the promise of an exercise regime,
  • a government-run by man,

and the list continues and is different for each of us.

Obviously we were set on this earth to impact with eternal value, so we do that with our gifts. We find large amounts of honor serving Jesus in our work places, ministry spots, and families.

He allows us to be on mission for Him with every single breath and its so exciting, seasoned with heavy responsibility.

But heaven help us when we become more wrecked about pursuing world things (even seemingly good) than we about are chasing God's heart.

At the end of the day , He is over all things reigning (and maybe over our striving). He spoke to me that morning about the reality of Him being all that I need.

On really amazing, smile filled days - He's all that I need. On the hard to make it to lunch time days - He's all that I need.

To allow Him to be my affirmation, my inspiration, and my one purpose on this earth...because actually friends, there are not enough numbers or words that can even account for Him. 

Breathing in the real life and feeling all the things both in laughter and tears...still doesn't  even touch all that He has for us.

May we be the ones who give ourselves over to God.

The ones who run out of words, because there just aren't enough.

Reaching more for His world and less of ours.

This week, we can be sure that nothing and no-one comes close to Him...and isn't that the best kind of comfort?

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