Pressing On When We Don't Have All the Answers

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There are a couple of things that you'll want to know about me. First, is that I hear God loud and clear in the mountains! Secondly, my favorite thing about taking a road trip is not the's actually the not talking.

With the baby of the family strapped in the cars-seat and entertained by...not me, it is a recipe for a scenic glory with headphones, notebook, and favorite pen!

We returned home from the Cascade mountains last week and my jaw never came off the floor. Roads that I had not traveled before in my 41 years of living, had me holding my breath around all the windy turns.

Sitting in the back seat next to the napping toddler, we rounded a corner that showed off  a huge-normous mountain topped with jagged rocks that formed the peak.

Like they always do when I am struck by mountains, the tears streamed down my face. I quietly said, "Jesus what is it about this picture that has taken my breath away?" And He answered with one word.


That was IT. There was such a mystery about the elevation and hidden places at the top of this mountain that couldn't stop the gaze. I continued the conversation, "Tell me more."

He whispered these words to my heart.

"I want you to be about embracing the mystery of who I am - what I am doing and how I move around you."

Clouded with the teary stream, I saw a picture...

of the unseen,

of the unfinished,

of the hidden mysteries that only God has authored.

I knew the mountain tops were there...but they were not visible. Instead they stood behind the hovering mist of cloud cover and fog. I knew the message He was telling me, and it was this:

We don't get to know the things of God. The things hidden deep in His love, deep in His itinerary for our lives, in the way He has plans for this world. Sometimes He reveals and answers, other times He shows us beauty that is partially hidden - hoping that we will embrace and trust the mystery of who He is and what He is doing behind the scenery.

Instead - we as believers in Jesus Christ, get to live AMAZED and in AWE by it.

Oddly, I find a rich - unexplainable comfort in the mystery of God and His Spirit that leads me.

MYSTERY.  We aren't Him and we don't always get to know all of the answers. The pressure if off and we can choose to trust (way easier said)!

What I saw that afternoon was a picture of the power that lies within me from the Holy Spirit and a strength that inspires me to press on when I can't see the entirety of the picture before me.

I can't possibly re-count all the conversations in ministry over the years and within our own family, about why God doesn't always reveal the full picture!

I believe He loves to see us step out and trust,

or slow down and wait,

or be risky and jump,

or find patience in praying.

Each opportunity a chance to grow our character and strengthen our faith.

So...that scene raised my blood pressure and shook my soul - but hang on...there was more.

The road followed the base of this mountain and while I was looking up we came around the side and strings of waterfalls poured out from the dead center.

WHUT? I mean it was not even real.

So now I am crying like someone just gave me the sweetest gift. There He was again.

"You can't know all that I am doing for you and with your life - but BEHOLD springs of life will flow from your embracing my mystery."

In this moment, I am talking in a loud whisper totally amazed at this whole situation, but He continues...

"Let my spirit be the absolute center of your life and breath. Do nothing without me as your source of everything."

I thought I was doing that? But we never fully are right...because there's that sin problem.

He leaves me with this blessing and its for you too.

"I will flourish and grow you and make your path beautiful. I am pouring my love over you. Look nowhere else. Listen to my voice. Go with me. Write it down. Tell my story in your life."

Those things that we are pressing for an answer about, He is aware and never stops keeping watch over us.

Join me in welcoming His mystery and pressing on through the times of uncertainty with the joy that only He can give to us.

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