You Do You [A 6 Day Brave Moms - Strong Families Challenge]


If you are the mom to a house full of noise, a grandmother investing in her family, the friend of a mom (we see you - helping us keep our cool), or an empty nest momma who is cheering for grown know that perfect never comes - but today is waiting right?

We've all been there, holding on for the "right time" to do ______________.

I've traveled the road called "maybe later" and have spoken the same things as you have, I'm sure!

I'll get to it when I'm not sleep deprived.

I will work on that issue when I'm in the right mood.

Eventually, I will have the margin to parent better.

In a few weeks, I'll have that hard conversation.

I'll start taking care of myself when I'm not so stressed.

One day, I'll be happy when I have deep friendships.

My marriage will strengthen when our kids are grown.

I'll stop comfort eating ALL day when summer gets here!

Mercy HELP!

It's all too much - but you know what? We can hang on to God's truth and live today in a way that pleases Him and adds value to the family we've been entrusted with.

My blog friend Mari (and the very first person to let me guest post on her blog over 2 years ago), at Inspired By Family Magazine has invited me to be a part of a great challenge for Moms!

We are hoping to encourage y'all (while speaking to ourselves obviously) to live bravely with great passion and in truth as we walk in our mothering roles.

The two of us will be hosting a 6 day challenge to share insight, hope, courage, and the real stuff. We would love to have you stop in for some really great conversations!

You can also join our Brave Moms Strong Families Facebook Group by clicking HERE! You'll find Mari and I sharing encouragement throughout the week, maybe even a video chat each week, with space for Q & A fun sprinkled throughout the 6 day challenge.

The Brave Moms Strong Families Schedule

Since we know summer can be a hectic we decided to spread the challenge out over 3 weeks!  Mari and I will take turns pulling up a chair and sharing words that are near to our hearts with y'all.

You can check back HERE to get the updated posts and links as they go live.

June 21st- Living Intentionally as we Understand Our Value

23rd- Living Hopeful in the Hard Stuff

28th- Living Authentically with What We’ve Been Given

30th- Living Joyful in the Messes

July 4th- Living Fearlessly from a Heart of Truth

July 7th- Living Calm in the Chaos

We can't wait to walk alongside you guys and journey toward God in our passion, purpose, and potential to live brave today. Lets GO.

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