Living Calm in the Chaos + Keeping Our Cool


Sitting in the corner of our couch, looking out over the river and sinking deep into a few minutes of silence - was the exact moment when my middle school son decided he should join me.

After bouncing around, he finally got comfy and began to unfold his hopes and dreams for the rest of his life. Don't you love boys talking through life? I know he may not always share EVERYTHING with me, so I lean in as much as possible and try not to feel the guilt when I can not.

I love him. He is the kid that has an idea and must see it through to the end - that very you have one of those?

I quickly tried to hide my disappointment in the lack of calm I longed for, and gave him my weary, wide-eyed - but loving attention.

I love a busy home and I know I'll miss it when life slows down - but for me, a break is necessary in order for me to regroup. You?

If they happen to catch me in a "Super Mom" moment full of grace, strength and tranquility - I can handle five or six voices with really BIG things to say at the same time. Amazing, but a rarity for sure.

The actual norm looks like me directing conversational traffic with all the hand motions.

STOP to you,

GO to you,

HUG to you,

PAUSE to you,

HUSH to you,

BACK UP to you,


SPEED UP to you.

I try my best to embrace all the words and hearts and dreams and disappointments without causing any major accidents!

It's a lot to juggle honestly, and I only do it well if I've had some time to gather my own heart.

Chasing calm, means understanding ourselves and the truth of God's word so we aren't left feeling consistently overwhelmed.

"The LORD will give strength to His people; The LORD will bless his people with peace." - Psalms 29:11

But how on earth, when there are a zillion and one things that contribute to the chaos?

There is the chaos of family,

those busy mom schedules,

the world issues coming at us,

parenting hardships,

constantly working on marriages,

the fun kind of running around chaos (including racing to Sonic Happy Hour),

and of course the one that just might be the biggest culprit...hormones.

Yes - those.

The new baby kind, the after baby kind, the broken-loss of baby kind, the middle-aged kind, or the empty nest kind... all of them welcome themselves into our days uninvited and very much in charge. They have the ability to stir up some inner chaos that catches us by surprise.

I am learning that my ability to handle the chaos of whatever is at hand, can be directly related to two important realities.

  1. My closeness with God.
  2. The condition of my hormones and emotional state at the given moment.

Please tell me I'm not alone here!

I must, must keep those 2 things in mind when deciding how I really feel about the rise of chaos. There definitely are days when the feelings are legit and other times when they have grown out of an unkept heart. Have you been there?

When I learn how to recognize the overwhelmed feelings, I can handle the over the top crazy days with strength.  

Lets be the ones who are brave enough to call the chaos what it is and seek a calmer spirit as we move throughout our days with the people we love the most.

I don't know about you, but chaos makes me crazy and calm keeps me cool - and my people enjoy me much better that way!

* Day 6 Brave Moms + Strong Families Challenge: Last day! If you've been following along the past 3 weeks, we've loved having you join us.

List the things that bring you the most chaos in your daily life.

Write down 2 things that would help you find some calm in your day!

==> It could be as simple as...

  • watching less news,
  • spend some 1 on 1 time with your child,
  • reading a Psalm from the Bible,
  • taking a social media break,
  • or making time for yourself each day - even if it is 10 minutes to let your heart mend or your mind finish an entire thought.
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