Resisting the Holiday Hurry

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The holiday hustle gets me every year. Somehow in the mad dash for everyone to deck-the-halls in October as stores market the mess out of us suckers, I suddenly feel behind before I even begin to think ahead.

Is this your story every year?

I have luxurious thoughts like:

I wish that Thanksgiving dinner would cook itself while I eat pie and cut out Indian feathers with the kids.

I wish that walking the aisles of Target counted as decorating my home with the cutest plaid and the warmest textures.

I wish that reading Real Simple mag planned my meals and did all my shopping.

I wish that the gifts my kids hoped for, no matter the budget would just arrive from Amazon on Christmas Eve.

The holidays are so special to me, but I can’t enjoy them unless we keep it simple, focused on the purpose, and memorable.

I am obsessed with stringing lights obnoxiously around every room in the house while blasting the holiday playlist that rewinds us to the moments when our grown kids actually fit inside their stockings.

I become giddy about creating space to celebrate, but every November I don’t feel ready.


Maybe for you it is because you are worn out and can’t fathom finding the energy to give, when you can’t get out of bed.

It could be that the over-doing it, adds a heap of unwelcome anxiety.

Isn’t it exhausting how we hustle and then burn out just to give THANKS and then welcome the newborn King Jesus?


Two years ago I spent Christmas in a motorhome with the seven of us in the dead of winter. I was determined to bring the cheer even if it there was ice on the windows and the extent of our decorating was a wreath on the front engine and a paper chain countdown hanging over the drivers seat. My simplest, but toughest celebration to date.


The less I talk about what we are doing or getting, the more I get to embrace who we are focused on. It gets easier with older kids, but my current 4 year old has a massive wish list that we totally need to talk down a bit in order to regain some much needed toddler Jesus focus.


I can honestly say that after 19 years of Christmas with kids, the traditions matter way more than any new item I may add to the collection. The tree matters, the decorations have meaning and belong to someone, the sitting out under the tree lights every night does something to us.

I long to bring meaning to our home and create moments that will matter later to my man wrapping me up in his arms in the kitchen, the kids curled up on my couch, and friends laughing around my table.

I am classically…

Not super stellar with the Thanksgiving menu - but Nana says my mashed potatoes are the best so…

Not decorated like I really wanted to be - but I find great joy in repurposing decor to create a new vibe.

Not shopped and wrapped and detailed on time - but Kris and I do have a late night wrapping tradition.

Not strategic in planning gatherings like I dreamed of hosting - but I have to give myself some grace.

I’ve never felt like a holiday champ, but you know what? I have found deep joy in setting up our home to be a place of comfort and remembering the faithfulness of God in our lives no matter what doesn’t get finished.

Enough can actually be enough.

It will be for me this season and I hope that your eyes can shift from the “what” you might try and accomplish to the “why” you are even doing it.

Lets be the ones who anticipate the season of joy with more hope and less hurry.

I’ll be over here cheering us on as we remember the joy that Jesus brings both in giving thanks and in the arrival of the promised Messiah.

I can’t wait to hear just how you caught your breath in the midst of it all, while taking captive the wonder that we so often miss.