From One Mom, to the Whole World of Moms

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Jesus, today we want to pray for and honor the women in our lives. The ones who raised us, the ones we call "mom" and those of us who are in the mothering trenches today.

For the teary eyed – sleep deprived brand new mothers…give them strength and remind them of their worth when they feel overwhelmed.

For the hustling moms of toddlers, playing and cleaning up from sun up to sun down…grant them joy in the make - believe and the messes.

For the moms in the tween and teenage seasons working overtime at building relationships of trust while leading with hope in this culture…remind them that you God, have appointed them to mother in this time and place in history.

For the moms of college and adult kids who are cheering wildly from the sidelines…give them a prayer life-like never before as they watch their kids take steps of their own.

For the bravery of every birth-mom who has displayed a fierce love in choosing to carry life… and then had to say goodbye, carry them through today Jesus

For all of the adoptive mothers who waited and waited and waited…and then gave their unconditional yes to welcome a child, encourage, equip, and inspire them as they nurture.

Jesus, we also know that today there are families who may be feeling the loss of a mother or grandmother, or even the loss of a relationship with a mom.

There are mothers who have grieved the loss of a precious child.

We ask that today while we remember and miss the women in our lives and the children that may have left too soon…that the hearts of those hurting could turn their eyes to you, the God of consistent comfort, steady hope, and healing.

We ask that you would bless every celebration today, and may the mothers here see themselves as you see them… valued, worthy, and qualified to mother by your hand and gracious help no matter what season they find themselves in on this Mother's Day.

Thank you for the women who have gone before us and for the ones who are raising up the world today.

In the name of Jesus, the name we cry out to as mothers with belief...knowing that you are near and ready to rescue us in our many times of need. You fill us with compassion to love fiercely - and equip us to fight for truth in the lives of our kids like warriors.

For the children we have raised, are raising, and those who are yet to come, thank you.