When We Unemploy Distraction to Hear From God

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Today I witnessed creation doing exactly what God made it to do. Somehow in the familiarity of looking out over the same old river rolling through my back yard - He renewed my hope.

Does God ever confirm His promises to you in the outdoors? 

"By faith, we see the world called into existence by God’s word, what we see created by what we don’t see." - Hebrews 11:3 

Birds of the air soared overhead catching breath in the wind, then diving down into the river to catch their lunch.

What a life.

The songs they sang echoed in sync with the sound of the rapids rolling by, reinforcing the reality of the One who is seamlessly holding the universe together.


A summer breeze made its way up the riverbed and I imagined it coming on land via the Pacific Ocean just to my west. Finding its way across land and over mountain tops, it showed up just in time to give movement to the tall evergreen tree I was sitting under. 

I've learned to believe God for big things.
I've learned to trust that He is specific.
I've learned to exchange my will for His mind-blowing, and unexplainable timing.

I've always been in awe with the way God set the world into motion. Okay maybe its a bit more than awe. I've always geeked out over weather patterns, all types of geography, and the animal kingdom. 

I've known it all along, but I really understood it in that moment - that the Lord is near, even when I am far away in my thoughts...and you know what? He is always close by. How do I know? I go outside and see the world He spoke into motion, continually doing what He commanded.

The river doesn't get tired of moving and quit.

The trees don't grow weary in standing tall in their position and ask to be moved to better location.

The birds don't refuse to fly because the wind is unruly.

Each one worshiping the creator no matter what.

Think about that for a minute. 

Come rain, wind, snow, sun, natural disaster, earthquake, creation obeys the Lord,

I got to thinking, "What about me? How do I respond to the elements of life?".

Maybe you've been disappointed. Its possible that you've allowed fear to consume you. Temptation might chase you down, testing your self control. Maybe faith feels pointless or doubt has set up camp stopping you from pressing on in your own created purpose.

Bringing Him honor in your day to day work, parenting, relationships, and worship.

The good news is that God knew I needed Jesus to guide me in the elements of this life.

He steadies me like the eagle in the wind, He gives me the breath to soar, He stills me to the rhythm of all that He has made. 

Today He called me away from clutter and the noise in my head, straight into His written word.

Who am I without His truth, His redemptive story, His unheard-of strategy for mankind? I have no substance, no ground to stand on, and no hope worth speaking of without the power of God living in me.

Did you know a war wages around us for allegiance,  attention, and value? Tying to pull us out of our created purpose, and away from God's word. A word that has proven true over thousands of years.

This word powerfully breathes life and graciously corrects our misplaced purpose and displaced love.

The enemy loves to distract, to drag our sorry selves into confusion, comparison, and complacency right? Have you felt the dragging? Are you over it?

You know, you can speak the name of Jesus - and that enemy will flee.

It is the Lord most high who sets the enemy straight and frees us. 
It is Jesus of Nazareth who deserves the focus of our eyes.
It is the Spirit of the Living God who gives us sight to see the bigger picture.

He leads us, and brings us back to the source of life's meaning!

Who else is in all, and over all, and through all? There is none other.

Let's bring to Him the lies of the enemy , all the fears we fight.


He is the life the world really longs for.

He is where peace and comfort and justice reside.

Can we surrender to His sovereignty just like the rest of His creation? 

Can we accept His compassion and correction?

Let's unemploy distraction and listen to the One speaking, trying to get through all of our head traffic. 

I don't know about you, but I have a LOT of noise competing with the voice of the God, the only voice that I want to live by.

You will find Him when you wait in the quiet, expecting Him to speak, encouraging you to live out the purpose He made just you for. 



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