He is Able Even Without Our Hustle


The seven days of last week felt like a thirty day month. As much as I love the juggling of hearts and dreams and school in our home - I was counting the minutes until my Friday off finally arrived.

I consider it a gigantic privilege to mother my people, but I am worthless in ministry, motherhood and marriage without margin.

Come to Momma, deep breaths, held back tears, and shouts of praise!

As soon as my window of escape came - I bolted out the door like a crazy woman headed for freedom in Jesus name and praying under my breath,

“Jesus please help me get out of here.” - a perfectly acceptable thing to pray for by the way, when Momma needs to flee.

Stepping away is not a disappointment - it is actually quite heroic in a world of no stopping allowed.

The moment I spoke that prayer - the drama began and set me back an hour. Classic exit.

Mothering is my favorite, but it is hard work. I just know you parents are nodding and maybe throwing up a CHEERS right now. I dealt with the daughter struggle and grabbed items for a day away from my primary work station.





Music blasting and windows down even in the chilly air, my car climbed the elevation to a clearing with a view that was sure to welcome rest and a conversation I needed to have with Jesus.

I drove as far as I could and found a parking space where I sat for 2 hours. I’ve been devouring the Psalms lately, searching for themes of worship and rest. God keeps reminding me that rest isn’t only for the beaten down and heavy hearted.

In Him we find rest readily available, no appointment necessary.

“You observe my travels and my rest; you are aware of all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue, you know all about it, Lord. You have encircled me; you have placed your hand on me. This wondrous knowledge is beyond me.” Psalms 139 3-6

The Psalms are my favorite on ramp to talking with God. He speaks to me as I read His word. His Spirit speaks to my heart when I am out in creation. Sometimes a conviction, other times confirmation - but I always walk away confident in where He has me even if I don’t love the surrounding circumstances.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely wait too long to rest deeply.

Could you benefit from a complete stand still? You can join in for free.

Rest from the projects…

the helping,

the solving,

the seeking,

the approval rating,

the teaching,

the social media-ing.

the over-thinking,

and rest.

I crave time away from my normal routine of home and family and ministry - and by away I mean up the road a couple miles, not a Caribbean cruise.

Simple and accessible is key for me to have a regular rhythm of rest.

Life moves at such a crazy pace sometimes doesn’t it? As much as I LOVE to have my heart and soul deep into important work, I have to remember that…

“Jesus doesn’t really need all my striving to accomplish His will.”

He is capable without our hustle - shocking, I know!

My resting releases control to the God who calmed the waves with “Peace! Be still!” (Mark 4:39). He’s got this.

I sat in my car and just searched the mountain tops, centering my heart with Jesus.

He is kind and honest with me, even when I am not “feeling” strong.

“Jenny, you are mine. I am the one who breaths new life into your lungs. I am the one who can relieve all of your anxiety. I am the one who has forgiven your sin. I am the one who loves you. I am the one who is for you. I am fighting for you right now. That you would rest in ME. That your trust in me alone would triumph over the lies of the enemy. I am HE who stills you.”

Let’s be the ones who seek rest not so that we lead more, but so that we can follow His lead.

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